Digital Painting COMP 9746

Temporarily Online

Our Digital Painting course helps further your passion for drawing and painting by teaching you how to use the pressure-sensitive technology of a digital drawing tablet. Learn how to apply the pen to screen just as you would a brush to canvas. Explore custom brushes, speed painting and matte painting as you learn how to render eyes, mouths, noses, skin and hair in order to create a lifelike human portrait.


Course Essentials:

You must be able to run the full desktop version of Photoshop and have a tablet. You can use either a graphic tablet (touchpad and stylus) or a screen tablet (graphic tablet with a built-in monitor) that connects to computers. The recommended graphic tablets are the Wacom Intuos and Wacom Intuos Pro (any size). (Wacom is the industry standard, but other brands are acceptable.) The recommended screen tablets are Wacom Cintiq, Huion Kamvas Pro and XP-Pen Artist. (iPads are not ideal, but iPad users with a Macintosh computer can download Astropad to convert the iPad into a screen tablet that can be used with your Mac to run desktop software.) Contact us with any additional questions about tablets.


You will have the most success in this course if you have a basic level of computer literacy and have completed our COMP 9591 Introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud course before you start this course.

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Course Sections

Delivery Method: Teacher-led Online
Visual Arts and Design Department

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