College Email

In your student account, you will see three email fields: Business, George Brown College Student Email Address, and Personal Email Address.


The email address that appears under Business is the email address that is used by our staff/teachers to communicate with you. Despite the label, this email does not need to be your company email address: it needs to be the email address you want us to use to communicate with you.

George Brown College Student Email Address

When you register in a Continuing Education course at George Brown College, you are assigned a college email address ( Your student email address is set by the college, and you cannot change it.

Brightspace uses the college email so, if your course is run through Brightspace, you should know how to access it and should check it regularly.

To learn more about using your assigned college email, visit the college-wide Student Email Support web page. You must not use your college email to sign up for personal services that are not related to your course because they may increase the risk of your account being compromised. Examples of personal services may include online banking, government services, personal Apple accounts, video streaming, online retailers, etc.

If you want to use your assigned college email as your primary email account while at the college, you must ensure that it is also entered as the email that appears under Business.

Personal Email Address

The Personal email can be changed but is not used by the college, so either leave it blank or ensure it matches the email you have used under Business.

Note that, effective June 29, 2023, automated email forwarding has been disabled to ensure a consistent user experience and to protect you from potential data breaches, data loss, compliance issues, phishing attacks, and email impersonation as well as other cyber security threats. You will still be able to forward emails manually, one at a time.

If you have problems accessing college communications or using your college email, call the George Brown College Contact Centre at 416-415-2000.