Course web pages show the total course fee, both within the course information and within the section information. Course fees will not be pro-rated if you join a class after it has started.

Every course fee includes the base tuition, a $4 technology fee (which funds the open access computing facilities at the Library Learning Commons and AppsAnywhere) and a materials fee. If the course is neither part of a program nor related to a professional designation, the course fee will also include HST. If the course is 20 hours or more, the course fee will also include a $21.93 campus service fee and $20 infrastructure upgrade fee (which fund our online support team, our Learning Management System and much more).

Some courses require you to purchase a textbook. Unless otherwise indicated, the cost of the textbook is not included in the course fee.

Certain services and special requests will incur an administrative fee:

Item Administrative Fee
Credential replacement* $50
Duplicate cheque $20
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) cheque $20
Official transcript* $15 per copy
PLAR $115.20 per course
Tax receipt (T2202) for any year not online $20
Transfer $20 per course
Withdrawal $20 per course
*Personal cheques are not accepted for this item.

The college reserves the right to share your information with a third party for collection purposes if you fail to settle outstanding fees owing to the college.

For related information, visit the Refunds web page.