Pre-registration Considerations for Full-time Students

Can full-time students take Continuing Education courses?

If you are enrolled in a full-time George Brown College program, you can take Continuing Education courses. However, only certain Continuing Education courses earn you full-time course credits that can be applied toward a full-time program. Continuing Education courses do not appear on full-time timetables.

Can I earn full-time course credits through Continuing Education?

Continuing Education courses that have a full-time equivalent and/or are categorized as General Education earn students course credits:

  • A Continuing Education course that is equivalent to a full-time course offers the same course credit as the full-time course. If a Continuing Education course has a full-time equivalent, it will be indicated on the web page for that course. (You can get to the course web page quickly by adding the course code to the end of our website URL – for example, Alternatively, you can check out the Full-time Course Equivalencies web page for a complete list of Continuing Education courses that are equivalent to full-time courses.
  • General Education (GenEd) courses examine the societal context in which you live and work. These courses help you develop your critical thinking abilities together with the oral and written communication skills required in the working world. Most courses coded GHUM (Arts and Humanities), ISHU (Indigenous Studies Humanities), GSCI (Science and Technology), GSSC (Social Sciences), and ISSS (Indigenous Social Sciences) meet GenEd criteria for post-secondary programs, but not all. You can check out the General Education Courses web page for a complete list of Continuing Education General Education courses, but you must consult with the General Education co-ordinator before you register in one of these courses to ensure that any course you choose meets the requirements for your program.
What else do I need to know as a full-time student?

You should note that Continuing Education courses may have different attendance requirements than full-time courses. You are expected to adhere to the Continuing Education attendance requirements while attending Continuing Education courses.