Liberal Studies Electives via Continuing Education

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The Continuing Education courses listed below are Ministry-approved credit courses accepted towards the Liberal Studies elective requirements of most George Brown College degree programs. Only courses with the discipline code LHUM, LSSC, or LSCI are accepted as Liberal Studies electives. Courses with other discipline codes in the Continuing Education catalogue do not qualify for Liberal Studies elective credit.

Students in George Brown College degree programs are generally required to take a minimum of three upper-level Liberal Studies elective courses as part of their degree requirements. (Check the specific Liberal Studies elective requirements for your program.) However, students must complete at least one lower-level elective course before taking an upper-level elective.

  • Lower-level electives introduce students to core concepts in subject areas such as psychology, sociology, art history, environmental science, etc. Lower-level courses have course codes beginning with 12 (for example, LSCI 1204 Preserving the Planet).
  • Upper-level electives explore key issues in these subject areas in greater depth and, often, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Upper-level courses have course codes beginning with 13 (for example, LHUM 1310 Existentialism).

According to George Brown College policy, students who have earned a grade of B or higher in two diploma-level General Education electives might be eligible for exemption from one Liberal Studies elective. All programs are eligible for the two-for-one policy, but note that the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) breadth requirement applies – electives must be completely unrelated to the core program of study – and that program-mandated General Education courses cannot be transferred to fulfill Liberal Studies elective requirements. For more information on the two-for-one policy, contact

Note that the fees for these Continuing Education classes are not included in any other tuition fees. You register and pay for an individual course through the Continuing Education website. Access online registration through the course links on this page.

Disclaimer: If you are a full-time George Brown College student, you need to make sure you select courses that meet your program’s breadth requirement (meaning that you have to take courses from at least two of the categories – LHUM, LSSC, LSCI) and that you do not register for courses that are similar to courses that you have taken or will take in your program. If you have any questions about your elective requirements, contact the Virtual Service Desk. You can also read more on the college-wide Liberal Studies Electives for Degree Programs FAQs page.