Image of Wesley Sloetjes, a Continuing Education at George Brown College graduate in action.

Jewellery Kit Rental: To rent a jewellery kit, you must pay $100 in person at a Student Service Centre for each course that requires use of a kit. Show your receipt to your teacher to receive a kit. Kits can only be used during your scheduled class and cannot be taken out of class. The price includes a $40 rental fee and a $60 deposit. At the end of the course, once your teacher has verified that you have returned all of the tools from your kit, the $60 deposit will be refunded to you (by mail). Deposits will not be refunded if any tools are missing or if tools are not returned in good condition. Teachers and the Student Service Centres do not issue refunds.

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Wesley Sloetjes, a former Continuing Education student.
Discovering the Right Setting
George Brown student finds jewellery classes the perfect place to develop his talents