Program prerequisites and course prerequisites are outlined in full on the Continuing Education website. (You can get to a course web page quickly by adding the course code to the end of our website URL – for example,

Prerequisites are put in place for your academic protection. Course content and teaching methods assume that you are academically prepared. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet prerequisite requirements. If you do not have the proper prerequisite(s), no special consideration will be given if you find the course material too difficult, and you may be asked to transfer or withdraw by the teacher (or department co-ordinator). If you are asked to transfer or withdraw, you will be charged an administrative fee as per the transfer and withdrawal policies.

You may be asked during your first class for proof that you have completed the prerequisite(s).

Unless you are planning to start at the beginner level, language programs/courses may require you to do a placement interview to determine your language proficiency and ensure you start in the right course for your abilities.