Student ID Number

When you register at George Brown College for the first time, you are provided with a student ID number to which all your academic records are attached. Using that student ID number, you are able to manage the password that allows you to access your student account (the online student information system). Your student ID number and password also allow you to access a number of other systems at the college, including the computers in the Library Learning Commons and Brightspace (the online learning management system).

Your student ID number and password are your personal identifiers at the college. They allow you to update confidential information about yourself (such as your address or other contact information) and to see your grades. Make sure to keep them confidential so that only you can access this information.

Where you find your student ID number and password depends on whether you are a new George Brown College student or an existing George Brown College student:

  • You are considered a new student if you have never previously registered in a George Brown College Continuing Education course or applied to a George Brown College full-time program. A student ID number and password will be emailed to you after registration. As soon as you receive your password, visit the GBC Identity Management Service website to change it to something that you will be able to remember. Visit the GBC Assist web page for instructions on changing your password.
  • You are considered an existing student if you have, at any time, previously registered in a George Brown College Continuing Education course or applied to a George Brown College full-time program. (This is the case even if it has been a long time since you last registered/applied.) You will already have a student ID number and password assigned to you, and nothing will be emailed to you. If you have forgotten or misplaced your student ID number, you can call the George Brown College Contact Centre at 416-415-2000 to get it. For security purposes, you will be asked a series of questions to confirm your identity.

A student may accidentally be given more than one student ID number due to the varying use of first, middle and last names. To reduce the confusion that results from this error, we must eliminate multiple ID numbers and merge the records to one number. If you are aware of having more than one ID number, identify yourself to George Brown College Contact Centre staff at 416-415-2000. Make sure you always use your full legal name when communicating with the college.

Student ID cards are not automatically provided for Continuing Education students. The registration confirmation you receive when you register in a Continuing Education course is valid identification. (If you register in person, you receive a registration confirmation from college staff at the time of registration. If you register online, you can see and print a registration confirmation screen and will also be sent a registration confirmation to the email address you provided.) Your registration confirmation identifies you as a student at George Brown College during the term in question. If you present your registration confirmation, you will be issued a free library borrower card upon request at a Library Learning Commons or you can purchase a student photo ID card.