Proofreading LIBA 9332

Online Option

Through our Proofreading course, learn the special skills involved in detecting and marking errors in various kinds of copy. Learn to identify and correct deviations from specs, problems in technical quality and issues in language and thought. Learn about live copy, dead copy, dry reading and the difference between copyediting and proofreading.


Course Delivery Method:

This is normally an in-class course but will be offered temporarily online via Blackboard Learn while college buildings are closed.

Technical/Computer Requirements:

Refer to the basic technology requirements for Blackboard online courses.


You must have completed our LIBA 9294 Copyediting/LIBA 9336 Copyediting (Copyediting) course and our LIBA 9102 Production Editing course or approved equivalents.

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Delivery Method: Online

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