Pharmacology NURS 1121


This course is designed for internationally educated nurses (IEN) completing the IEN Competency Upgrade Pathway (CE0466).

OntarioLearn description: In this course, you will learn about basic pharmacology and the standards of medication administration. Topics will include administration of medications; legislation pertaining to drug administration; quality improvement; risk management, drug calculations, classifications, uses, mechanism of actions, side-effects and adverse effects of drugs. An emphasis is placed on the study of drugs and their action in the human body related to the nursing practice with a focus on Registered Nurse (RN) roles/responsibilities for you to develop critical thinking and critical inquiry for safe administration of medication. The lens of professional accountability will be used as a foundation for you to apply concepts such as harmful incidences, and near misses potentially affecting client safety. Using client care scenarios, you will be guided to apply pharmacology knowledge in nursing practice decisions.


You must be an IEN, be a resident of Ontario, and have a letter from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) containing the results of your educational assessment and outlining the additional education you need in order to become registered in Ontario as a general class RN.

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This is an OntarioLearn online course delivered via the OntarioLearn Portal. Teacher support will be available via email, and technical support will be available via phone.

Tuition Assistance:

This course can be free to qualifying students. You must be an IEN who meets the prerequisite requirements for this course. To apply for free tuition in this course, complete the IEN Competency Upgrade Pathway: Fee Waiver Eligibility Form.

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$406, but free for eligible students

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Delivery Method: Self-directed Online
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