ILCO Associate Program


The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO) offers the ILCO Associate Program. According to the ILCO, the ILCO Associate Program “is designed to enhance the education and skills of law clerks already in the profession, expand the knowledge of experienced legal assistants, and provide the basic academic foundation needed for people with legal experience planning a career as a law clerk.”

Individuals who complete the four required courses (Corporate, Estates, Litigation, and Real Estate) and pass the four related ILCO provincial exams are eligible to receive the ILCO Associate Program certificate from the ILCO. ILCO awards the certificate. However, George Brown College has been recognized by the ILCO as a provider of courses that are equivalent to the ILCO Associate Program’s academic course requirements.

For more information about the ILCO Associate Program and its related exams, visit the ILCO Associate Program web page.

Completion Details

Each of the four ILCO provincial exams is run twice a year as per the ILCO Associate Program exam schedule. Register online for the Real Estate exam, Litigation exam, Estates exam, and Corporate exam. Your exam grade makes up 100% of your course grade. Once you have achieved 60% or better in each of the ILCO exams, you are eligible for the ILCO Associate Program certificate.

Certificate Stream

Core Courses (Four)

This is equivalent to the ILCO Corporate course:

This is equivalent to the ILCO Estates course:

This is equivalent to the ILCO Litigation course:

This is equivalent to the ILCO Real Estate course:

Additional Information

Disclaimer: The ILCO Associate Program certificate is awarded by the ILCO. The information provided here does not represent the extent of the requirements for the ILCO Associate Program certificate. The requirements are set by the ILCO, not George Brown College, so you must follow the process listed on the ILCO website and meet the requirements applicable to you to achieve the ILCO Associate Program certificate. ILCO policies are subject to change without notice, and George Brown College is not responsible for any information errors or inaccuracies that result from a change in ILCO policy.

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