Generator Protection System Design ELCL 9096


Our Generator Protection System Design course focuses on detailed technical solutions for the protection of electrical generators, including very large medium-voltage generators (4.16 kV, 13.8 kV, 22 kV and 25 kV). Learn about the development of relay protection systems using EasyPower and ETAP software. Study solutions that use digital protective relays by GE Multilin, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), ABB, Basler AG, and Siemens and are applied to the stator winding protection using R87 differential protection, third-harmonic neutral current injection, or 64REF restricted ground protection. Get the skills you need to be able to incorporate voltage unbalance, R46 and R47 designators, and 32R reverse power. Also consider loss of excitation, R40 and R81 designators, phase swing, and Rate of Change of Frequency (RoCoF) protection.


Course Essentials:

The EasyPower and ETAP software used in this course require a computer with a 2 GHz (or greater) processor, 8 GB (or greater) RAM, and a Microsoft Windows 8 (or higher) 64-bit operating system.


Hours and Fees




$296, includes a non-refundable materials fee of $100

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