Data Engineering Program

Certificate of Completion

Our Data Engineering Program provides a comprehensive introduction to the management and processing of large sets of data as well as the fundamental concepts of business intelligence. Get the skills you need to be able to design and manage databases; extract data from various sources; transform and load data using ETL processes; use big data technologies to analyze and process data; and apply best practices for data quality, data governance, and data security. Designed for beginners with little or no prior experience in data engineering and business intelligence, this program is structured around a mix of theoretical and practical training with a strong emphasis on hands-on exercises and assignments. Learn how to work with industry-standard tools and technologies (such as SQL and Microsoft Power BI) with the goal of making data accessible and usable for data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders.

Completion Details

Once you have completed all the requirements of this program, you can request to receive a certificate of completion using the department contact information on this web page.

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