Certified Chef de Cuisine Practical Exam: Kitchen Day HOSF 9554

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The Certified Chef de Cuisine Practical Exam: Kitchen Day is administered by the Canadian Culinary Federation. The Canadian Culinary Institute (CCI) Chef de Cuisine (CCC) practical exam is the final element of the CCC certification and is two days in length: The first day is the online "Office Day" in which you write the menu, prepare and cost the standard recipes, and write the food requisitions; the second day is the "Kitchen Day" in which you prepare and execute the Office Day menu. This is the Kitchen Day in which you will prepare food according to your six-course menu from the Office Day.


You must have received a minimum grade of 70% on your HOSF 9553 Certified Chef de Cuisine Practical Exam: Office Day (Online) menu, standard recipes, and requisitions.

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$1,206, includes materials used in class

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