Student Identification (ID) Number and Card

  • Every student at George Brown College (full-time, part-time and Continuing Education) is provided with an ID number to which all academic records are attached. A student ID number is emailed – along with a password – to each new Continuing Education student after registration.
  • Due to the varying use of first, middle and last names, a student may be given more than one student ID number. To reduce the confusion that results from this error, multiple student ID numbers are eliminated and records are merged to one number. If you are aware of having more than one student ID number, identify yourself to the staff at a Student Service Centre. Be sure to always use your full legal name when communicating with the college.
  • Student ID cards are not automatically provided for Continuing Education students. The registration confirmation you receive when you register in a Continuing Education course is valid identification. (If you register in person, you will receive confirmation at the time of registration. If you register online, you will receive confirmation at Step 5 of the checkout process.) It identifies you as a student at George Brown College during the term in question and gives you access to the Library Learning Commons and their open access computing facilities.
  • You have the option of purchasing a student ID card from the Library Learning Commons. It can also be used as a borrower card and a photocopy/print card.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact information in your online student account is up to date. To access your account, visit the Continuing Education website, find the "Student Login" link (at the top of all web pages) and log in using your student ID number and password. George Brown College does not accept responsibility for communication missed because of incorrect contact information.