General Education Electives

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The Continuing Education courses listed below are accepted as credit towards the General Education elective requirements of most George Brown College diploma and certificate programs. Only courses with the discipline codes GHUM, GSCI, GSSC, ISHU, or ISSC are accepted as General Education electives. Courses with other discipline codes in the Continuing Education catalogue (even those listed under Liberal Arts and Sciences) do not qualify for General Education elective credit. Additionally, the courses listed below cannot be applied as credit towards degree program requirements. General Education courses can also be seen organized by topic: GHUM (Arts and Humanities)/ISHU (Indigenous Studies Humanities) courses within Humanities, GSCI (Science and Technology) courses within Sciences and Mathematics, GSSC (Social Science)/ISSS (Indigenous Social Sciences) within Social Sciences, and ISHU (Indigenous Studies Humanities)/ISSS (Indigenous Social Sciences) courses within Indigenous Studies.

Note that the fees for these Continuing Education classes are not included in any other tuition fees. You register and pay for an individual course through the Continuing Education website. Access online registration through the links on this page.

Disclaimer: If you are a full-time George Brown College student, you need to make sure you select courses that meet your program’s breadth requirement (meaning that you have to take courses from at least two of the categories – GHUM, GSCI, GSSC, ISHU, ISSC) and that you do not register for courses that are similar to courses that you have taken or will take in your program. It is best to check with the General Electives Office at before you register if you are not sure whether a course meets the General Education elective requirements for your program.

Elective Course Options