Online Registration

Payment Options:

  • credit card (American Express/Discover/MasterCard/Visa)
  • Visa Debit

To register online, follow these steps:

  1. Read about what to consider before you register.
  2. On the course web page, review the course sections offered for that course. The course sections will show you when and where that section is offered as well as the total course fee. (Your course may be eligible for financial assistance.) Read any section notes so you are aware of important information about that course section.
  3. Find the course reference number (CRN) with the schedule you want. Note the button that appears for the section:
    Button Description
    Register Now If there is a spot available in the course section, its status will be listed as “Register Now.”
    CRN is Closed If the registration period for a course has passed, the status of the course section will be listed as “CRN is Closed.”
    CRN is Full If the course section is full, its status will be listed as “CRN is Full.”
    Join Wait List If the course section is full but offers a wait list, its status will be listed as “Join Wait List.”
  4. If available, select the “Register Now” button. A pop-up window will appear showing the Selected Course(s) in your registration cart. Register early for online courses that require you to use Blackboard – especially if you are a new student – to ensure course access is in place for the start of your course. New student Blackboard account setup takes a minimum of one business day. Your course will not appear within Blackboard until the first day of class. (Note: Cancellations or changes may occur.)
  5. To add any additional courses to your registration cart, select the “Close Window and Search Courses” button to continue with your course selection. Additional courses will appear in your cart each time you use a “Register Now” button. To remove any courses from your cart, select the “Remove” button or “Remove All Courses” button.
  6. Confirm that you understand and accept the policy information.
  7. Provide the personal information requested (making sure to use your full legal name). It is important that you provide your home and business telephone numbers and an email address to facilitate our contact with you and to ensure you receive the email with your registration confirmation.
  8. Confirm your information, and submit your registration.
  9. Enter your credit card information.
  10. View the confirmation screen, and print it for your records. A registration confirmation will also be sent to the email address you provided. Keep your registration confirmation in a safe place. (Duplicate confirmations will not be issued.)
  11. Make sure that you are officially registered in your course(s) by confirming with the teacher at the first class that your name is on the class list.