• What types of students typically complete the certificate?
    Our students generally fall into three categories, in roughly equal proportions: One-third of our students are working in corporations and non-profit organizations or teaching at the college level; they are seeking accreditation through our certificate. One-third of our students are in transition, seeking new ways to apply their knowledge and skills. One-third of our students are curious to see if they have the aptitude for teaching and training.
    What is the time commitment involved?
    This certificate is a total of 195 hours in length. Courses are offered part-time, with classes taking place in the evening and on some Saturdays.
    Where will this certificate lead me?
    Typically, our graduates work as instructors in colleges (both public and private), or as other professionals (corporate trainers, consultants, designers, facilitators). Some career paths lead to management roles. As mentioned above, many of our students are already working in the training industry.
    What is the delivery method of the courses?
    Our courses are mainly delivered in the classroom and, therefore, offer personalized instruction and the chance to network with other students and instructors. However, some courses are also offered in an online or blended format for those who require the flexibility.
    Why is this certificate beneficial for me?
    Our instructors are professional trainers who work both in corporations and in government, and our curriculum is based on the Assessment, Design, Delivery, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) approach:
    Assessment, Design, Delivery, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) Diagram, a cycle consisting of the following: assessment learning needs, design of instruction, delivery/implementation of instruction and evaluation of instruction.
    Additionally, we are associated with the Institute for Performance and Learning (formerly the Canadian Society for Training and Development [CSTD]). Our certificate addresses their competency categories for the training industry. Students in our certificate are eligible for student membership, and graduates are given a credit of one year toward the work experience requirement of the Institute for Performance and Learning’s professional designation.
    How can I find out more?
    You can attend one of our information sessions, which are scheduled three times a year. You can also browse the Instructing Adults subject page.