SolidWorks 1 CADE 9135


Our SolidWorks 1 course teaches you to work with SolidWorks, a world-leading parametric design software suitable for those wishing to pursue a career in 3D modelling and drafting for fields related mostly to mechanical, product, and furniture design. This easy-to-learn tool enables you to sketch ideas; experiment with features and dimensions; and produce a wide range of models, assemblies of models, and detailed drawings. Get the skills you need to create 2D sketches quickly and efficiently, 3D solid models from 2D sketches, assemblies of several solid components, and a virtual simulation of an assembly in motion. Learn about the basic concepts of solid modelling, and practice generating drawings containing several views, annotations, and a bill of materials. Acquire drawings and samples of parts during the course.


Course Essentials:

Access to college SolidWorks software is available for the duration of this course, but system requirements for SolidWorks will be specific to the version of SolidWorks you are using. (You will not be able to complete the course with SolidWorks running on a Macintosh. Macintosh systems are not supported in this course.)


You must have basic computer skills and intermediate drafting skills.

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Delivery Method: Teacher-led Online
Technology Department
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