Service Robotics Program

Certificate of Completion

Our Service Robotics Program provides you with an introduction to the service robotics industry and its growth and development. Explore the typical applications of service robots, their impact on organizations and their customers, the current market for them, and future trends. Study the technical aspects of service robot hardware and software so you can assist the user in working with their technical teams. Learn about the challenges and considerations faced in relation to strategic implications, change, and project management. Towards the end of the program, use what you have learned to complete an implementation plan that helps guide the integration of service robotics for a particular organization or industry.

This program has been designed and developed by George Brown College Continuing Education in partnership with GlobalDWS. Learn more about the service robotics industry by listening to our interview with the co-founder and CTO of Global DWS, Rami Wehbe, on the college's Work Shift Podcast: Episode 14.

Career Opportunities

Employers can typically be found in any industry currently implementing service robotics, including (but not limited to) the financial sector, healthcare, hospitality, education, and transportation.

Completion Details

Once you have completed all the requirements of this program, you can request to receive a certificate of completion using the department contact information on this web page.

Additional Information

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