RPA Citizen Developer Program

Certificate of Completion

Our RPA Citizen Developer Program recognizes that intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and more emerging technologies are changing the landscape of how people live, work, relax, communicate, shop, and play. The goal for these technologies is to empower companies and their employees to invest their time in higher-yield, higher-complexity tasks. This can result in greater value for businesses, their customers, and their clients and can improve profits and efficiencies. A variety of industries (banking, retail, agriculture, health care, and more) are introducing these solutions across a breadth of processes, including order/sales processing, accounting, communications, and reporting. The result is that, in a Canadian labour market that supports and enables these emergent and disruptive technologies, there is a significant demand for talent. This robotic process automation (RPA) program addresses the critical needs of individuals from any sector, organization, or vocation who want to leverage these emergent technology solutions in intelligent automation. Get the essential knowledge and skills you need to understand the applications of RPA solutions and to determine processes that could be enhanced by RPA solutions. A key goal of this program is to enable you to enhance your performance, productivity, and efficiency regardless of your role.

Completion Details

For each course from this program that you pass, you earn a micro-credential, which is provided to you as a digital badge that can be posted to social media platforms (such as LinkedIn). Once you have completed all the requirements of this program, you can request to receive a certificate of completion using the department contact information on this web page.

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