Pedicure FASH 9249


Our Pedicure course teaches you to perform classic pedicures, French pedicures, and spa pedicures as well as gel polish application. Explore a variety of associated treatments, including exfoliation and massage techniques for legs and feet. Examine leg and foot anatomy, and discuss specific medical conditions related to pedicures. Practice what you learn by performing services – on classmates, models, and clients – in the classroom and in the school spa. Public health standards, personal appearance, professionalism, etiquette, and communication are integral parts of this course.


Course Essentials:

This course requires you to work on other students and to let other students work on you in order to gain the skills you need to work on models and clients. You will also be required to bring your own model on occasion and for practical exams. This esthetician course has a mandatory dress code and requires you to purchase our manicure/pedicure kit from the Makeup and Esthetics Student Store. The fees for the uniform (if not already purchased) and the kit are in addition to the course fee.


You must have completed Grade 12 English. (An approved equivalent is also acceptable.)

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Delivery Method: Hybrid
School of Makeup and Esthetics
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