Paralegal Program Entrance Form

George Brown College offers the Paralegal Program on a part-time basis only. The program requirements are set by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). To gain acceptance into the program, you must complete the information below and indicate that you understand and agree to the terms of study.

Entrance Form

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Terms of Study

The George Brown College Paralegal Education program comprises six modules containing three courses each (18 courses in total) and 120 hours of field placement. You may start the program in either fall (September) or winter (January), but you are then required to take one module in each of three terms annually – winter (January), spring/summer (May), and fall (September) – until you complete the program. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. In addition, if you lack a specific educational background, you will be required to take College English.

If you are applying for either the upcoming fall (September 2022) program intake or winter (January 2023) program intake, you must agree to participate in a blended program delivery. At this time, approximately 65% of the courses will be offered through in-person delivery and the rest will be offered through teacher-led online delivery (subject to change).

In any course where more than 35% of hours are offered remotely, you must keep your video engaged throughout each class (although backgrounds may be blurred for privacy).

For more information on the Paralegal program, contact the department assistant, Noor Askandar, at , or the department co-ordinator, Teresa Stork, at .