Introduction to Counselling COUN 9068


OntarioLearn description: Students will study theoretical concepts and practical skills necessary to assist clients in recognizing concerns or issues and working toward desired outcomes. Students will be introduced to the theoretical foundations of various models of counselling and develop active listening skills. A key focus is assisting clients to identify and highlight their strengths by finding positive outcomes that are related to their concerns or issues. Learning to facilitate client self-empowerment and development will be done by acquiring additional skills through the effective use of queries, observation, self-reflection and a comprehensive understanding of a client’s behaviour and communication style. Students will also examine information and assistances concerning crisis, grief and bereavement. Learning outcomes will be achieved through the use of lecture, discussion, experiential exercises and presentation of audio and visual resources.


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This is an OntarioLearn online course delivered via the OntarioLearn Portal. Teacher support will be available via email, and technical support will be available via phone.

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