Indigenous Studies ISHU 1036


Our Indigenous Studies course provides an overview of the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada, beginning with pre-contact and moving through the centuries to more recent events (including the Truth and Reconciliation Commission process, report, and recommendations). Explore the complexities of Indigenous identity in Canada, and examine the historical context of specific government policies and the influence of those policies on past and current conditions for Indigenous people.


General Education Credit:

This course will be accepted as credit towards the General Education elective requirements of most full-time diploma and certificate programs. To determine if it would be accepted as credit towards your program, contact the General Electives Office at before you register. To determine if it would be accepted as credit towards the part-time Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma (T112), contact before you register.


You will have the most success in this course if you already have Grade 12 English before you start this course.

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GHUM 1035
ISHU 1035

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Liberal Studies Department
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