Hairstylist Apprenticeship In-school Training

Our Hairstylist Apprenticeship In-school Training gives you the opportunity to complete the courses required by the Skilled Trades Ontario Certificate of Qualification for hairstylists from one of Ontario's top colleges. This in-school training is run by the George Brown College School of Makeup and Esthetics. However, the sponsored on-the-job training that is required is not available through the college. Hairstylist apprenticeships are handled solely through the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development (MLITSD) and the Employment Ontario apprenticeship training offices.


For more information about the Hairstylist trade and its apprenticeship program, visit the Skilled Trades Ontario Hairstylist web page. For more information about how to prepare for and start your hairstylist apprenticeship, visit the Apprenticeship in Ontario web page.


Before you can start taking courses, you must be working in the hairstyling industry under the guidance of a ministry-approved sponsor, you must have your apprenticeship training registered with the MLITSD, you must be a member of Skilled Trades Ontario, and you must have received and accepted an offer of classroom training from the MLITSD. To accept an offer letter from the MLITSD, you need to submit the Apprenticeship Application for Admission to the George Brown College School of Apprenticeship and Skilled Trades via email to For more information, contact the Contact Centre at 416-415-2000.

Completion Details

The in-school training consists of two levels: each level consists of 240 hours delivered one day (six hours) a week over the course of one academic year. You must complete 480 hours of in-school training. However, training to become a hairstylist takes about 3,500 hours total, which means you must complete an additional 3,020 hours of on-the-job work experience. Training to be a hairstylist takes about two years to complete, and you must pass the hairstylist certification examination before you can apply to become certified and registered in the trade.

To obtain the course requirements as well as their details and schedules, contact the School of Makeup and Esthetics.

Additional Information

Program Essentials:

The courses in this in-school training require you to purchase our hairstyling textbook package from the Makeup and Esthetics Student Store. You should be prepared to purchase the textbook package no later than the first day of class as there will be weekly reading assignments. You will also be required to purchase hairstyling supplies, including tools. (Tools are not available in the classroom for student use.) The teacher will provide details during the first class. All the supplies required for this in-school training can be purchased at our student store. However, if you already have some supplies or wish to purchase your supplies elsewhere, there is no obligation to buy them from George Brown College.

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