Full Stack Development Program

Certificate of Completion

Our Full Stack Development Program provides you with both a comprehensive knowledge of the different technologies used to build full stack applications and the practical skills you need to design and develop full stack applications. This means it covers the end-to-end development of applications: both the front end (all of the visible components of an app/website that a user interacts with) and the back end (all of the processes on the server side that are functioning in the background and invisible to a user). With courses that focus on project-based learning and practical skills development, explore various programming languages, databases, web frameworks, DevOps tools, cloud computing platforms, API design, testing and debugging, and security. Learn how to collaborate in teams and use best practices in software development (including testing, debugging, and security). This full stack program has been designed for those with little or no background in programming or computer science and is suitable for those who want to become full stack developers or expand their knowledge and skills in this field.

Completion Details

Once you have completed all the requirements of this program, you can request to receive a certificate of completion using the department contact information on this web page.

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