Data Visualization and Reporting COMP 9756


Our Data Visualization and Reporting course is based on the fact that visualization – presenting the results of data discovery and/or analysis in a visual way – removes the burden of having to understand the details while helping the end user come away with a more focused and clear understanding of the data. Learn how to design a business intelligence (BI) solution that connects the underlying data with the visualization as well as how to present the data in an impactful and meaningful way. Through hands-on visualization projects, get the skills you need to use Salesforce's Tableau and Microsoft Power BI to present data.


Course Essentials:

The Microsoft Power BI software used in this course only runs on the Windows operating system. To learn how you can set up a Windows environment on your Macintosh, refer to the Hardware note on our Online Course Requirements and LMSs web page.

Hours and Fees




$449, includes a non-refundable materials fee of $140

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Delivery Method: Teacher-led Online
Technology Department
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