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The Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping (CIB) offers the Certified Bookkeeper (CB) designation. According to the CIB, the CB designation allows you to "look forward to greater financial and job security in a rapidly changing business world."

Individuals who become a member of the CIB, complete the nine required courses (Computer Applications 1, Bookkeeping 1, Bookkeeping 2, Computer Applications 2, Computerized Bookkeeping 1, Computerized Bookkeeping 2, Cost Management, Income Tax and Payroll Administration), register the course completions with the CIB, complete the employment experience requirement and complete the work experience evaluation questionnaire are eligible to receive the CB designation from the CIB. The CIB awards the designation. However, George Brown College Continuing Education has been recognized by the CIB as a provider of courses that are equivalent to the CB designation's academic course requirements.

For more information about the CB designation, visit the CIB website.


You cannot register your completed courses with the CIB until you are a CIB member, so you must enrol to become a member of the CIB. The CIB recommends that you get your membership early as certain courses may be subject to a time limit for registration and, if you do not register a course promptly, credit may be denied.


You will have the most success during the CB designation process if you already have basic Microsoft Windows experience before you start working toward the designation.

Completion Details

You must achieve a cumulative grade average of 65% or better in these George Brown College courses to be eligible for the CB designation. For each of the George Brown College courses listed here that you pass, you will need to use the CIB course registration process, use the application for course registration and pay the CIB transfer credit fee to have credit for the course registered in your personal CIB file.

Certificate Stream

Level 1: Core Courses (Three)

Each of these meets the CIB 111 Computer Applications I requirement (choose one):

This meets the CIB 112 Bookkeeping I requirement:

This meets the CIB 113 Bookkeeping II requirement:

Level 2: Core Courses (Four)

This meets the CIB 221 Computer Applications II requirement:

Each of these meets the CIB 221 Computer Applications II requirement (choose one):

This meets the CIB 222 Computerized Bookkeeping I requirement:

This meets the CIB 223 Computerized Bookkeeping II requirement:

Level 3: Core Courses (Three)

This meets the CIB 331 Cost Management requirement:

This meets the CIB 332 Income Tax requirement:

This meets the CIB 333 Payroll Administration requirement:

Additional Information

Disclaimer: The CB designation is awarded by the CIB. The information provided here does not represent the extent of the requirements for the CB designation. The requirements are set by the CIB, not George Brown College, so you must follow the process listed on the CIB website and meet the requirements applicable to you to achieve the CB designation. CIB policies are subject to change without notice, and George Brown College is not responsible for any information errors or inaccuracies that result from a change in CIB policy.

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