• Researching and Writing Family Histories GNRL 9286

    Our Researching and Writing Family Histories course reviews the basics of family history research as well as the different approaches you can take to inform, inspire and illuminate others with the stories you discover. Start by exploring the basics of both traditional and online research as well as the use of artifacts (photos, letters, diaries, scrapbooks, recipes and personal effects) to uncover information. Then learn how to develop a research plan for a multi-generational family history. Consider the various ways your family's history can be presented – from reports and family trees to narratives and memoirs. Develop your writing skills as you learn how to report on your ancestors in a compelling way, and learn how to share those stories through social media, self-publishing and formal publishing. This genealogy basics course is centred around English-language resources but is accessible to writers from a variety of backgrounds.

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