• Dental Office Radiography Certificate

    Our Dental Office Radiography Certificate is intended for those who are working in dental offices and who wish to obtain the requirements of the Healing Arts Radiation Protection (HARP) Act so they can take dental X-rays.

    Admission Requirement(s)

    You must secure departmental approval before you can register for courses (see Application Process below). Approval will only be considered if you meet the following requirements:

    • You must have completed grade 11 or grade 12 biology.
    • You must currently be working in a dental office.
    • If you are an international student, you must also have a dental diploma/degree.

    Application Process

    You must send an email to cecommunity@georgebrown.ca with scanned copies of your documents. Those should include your academic transcripts showing your biology course result, a letter from your employer and, if you are an international student, a copy of your original dental diploma/degree. If your documentation is not in English, you must provide translated versions along with copies of the originals. If the name on your documents does not match your current name, you must submit documentation explaining the name change (such as a marriage certificate). Once your documents have been verified, you can register for the first course.

    Completion Details

    You must complete the courses in the order shown below. However, you may take our DENT 9239 Dental Radiography 1 course at the same time as our DENT 9271 Dental Anatomy course. Courses are offered in a traditional format (12- or 14-week delivery) during the winter term as well as in a compressed format (2- to 6-week delivery) in the fall and spring/summer terms. If you choose to complete any of the courses during the fall or spring/summer term, you must be prepared for an intensive and accelerated learning pace.

    Compulsory Courses (Three)