Fire Emergency Procedures

  • Familiarize yourself with the fire exit locations and fire exit routes on your campus.
  • St. James Campus, Building A (SJA) and St. James Campus, Building D (SJD) have a two-stage fire alarm. Stage one (variable alarm) is a warning stage. You are not required to leave the building during stage one, but you must prepare to leave. Stage two (continuous alarm) is the evacuation stage. You must leave the building when the stage two fire alarm sounds.
  • All other George Brown College buildings (including Casa Loma Campus and Waterfront Campus) have a one-stage fire alarm. You must leave the building when the fire alarm sounds.
  • If you discover smoke or fire on campus, leave the fire area immediately and close the doors behind you. Activate the fire alarm system (using a pull station). Call campus security and state your name, the nature of the emergency and the exact location (for example, St. James Campus, 200 King St. E., Building A, Room 295F). Leave the building via the designated fire exit. Do not use the elevators.
  • If you encounter smoke in a stairwell, use an alternate stairwell.
  • If the fire alarm sounds while you are in class, your teacher will escort the class directly out of the building via the designated fire exit. Do not use the elevators.
  • If you need assistance to safely evacuate the building, move to a designated safety zone for that floor (look for a green "Emergency Evacuation Designated Waiting Area" sign). Stay in place. Remain calm. Emergency services will respond to your location and help you to evacuate. If you have an assistant, your assistant must advise the fire marshal, campus security or the fire department of your location. If you are unescorted, you should remain in the designated safety zone and await the arrival of emergency services. You should not enter the stairwell or allow yourself to be carried down a stairwell unless there is immediate danger and it is absolutely necessary (that is, fire or smoke is near the designated safety zone). Do not use the elevators.
  • Proceed to a safe location away from the building entrances in order to maintain unobstructed access for emergency vehicles and Toronto Fire Service equipment. You must not return to the building until college officials provide permission.