Alumni Registration

The college recognizes alumni as extremely valuable contributors to our current students’ success, to the success of fellow alumni and to the college community. Anyone who obtains a George Brown College certificate/certificate of completion, diploma or degree (whether full-time or through Continuing Education) is considered an alumnus of the college. Once you receive your credential, contact George Brown College Alumni Relations to register for a one-time fee of $28.06 (subject to change without notice) and start receiving access to the following alumni benefits:

Our community of graduates – more than 225,000 strong and growing every year – are an amazing resource. This community can help you grow your professional network in several ways: follow the George Brown College Alumni group on LinkedIn to access job postings and make career connections; consider one of our mentoring opportunities, including MentorCity(an online mentor-matching program that connects you to meaningful mentoring relationships with George Brown students and alumni); and keep in touch with the friends you have made during your time at the college through George Brown College social media.

For more information, visit the college-wide Alumni web page.