Tax Receipt

  • If your course qualifies under the Canada Revenue Agency's eligibility for tuition fees and your tuition for that course is at least $100, you will be issued an official income tax receipt, known as a T2202A. (Materials and administrative fees are not eligible for tax deduction.) For details, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.
  • You can obtain your T2202A from your online student account in mid-February of every year for all courses taken during the preceding calendar year. To access your account, visit the Continuing Education website, find the “Student Login” link (on your computer at the top of every page of our website or on your mobile under the “Accounts” tab) and log in using your student ID number and password.
  • If you need a T2202A for a past year that is not available online, the college can provide it to you for an administrative fee. To make your request, call 416-415-5000, ext. 4493.