Room Locations

  • Check your course's web page to find the room assignment information for your class section course reference number (CRN). You can get to the course web page quickly by adding the course code to the end of our website URL – for example,
    • The campus building is located under the "Building" heading.
    • The room number will appear under the "Room" heading three days before the course start date (or at 12 a.m. on the course start date if it is a Hospitality and Culinary Arts course).
  • You can also find the room assignment for your course by visiting our Room Assignments web page and searching using your CRN, course code, course name or campus.
  • Room numbers are also posted at each campus on the day of the first class. (Note: If your building is SJC or SJE, your room number will be posted in SJA. If your building is SJD, your room will be posted in SJB. If your building is SJG, ask for your room at the reception desk there.)
  • Room assignment information is also available from the Continuing Education departments at each campus. If you miss the first class, you can contact the department for room information.
  • Classroom locations are subject to change due to course cancellations and unforeseen circumstances.