How to Register

  • Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You are encouraged to register in a course as early as possible. Registration is open until the end of the third class unless otherwise noted. For most in-class courses, online registration remains open until the day of the third class. However, distance learning courses and certain in-class courses may offer shorter periods for registration. (Check the CRN notes to learn more. If the registration period for a course has passed, the status of the class section will be listed as “CRN is Closed”.) You must obtain the permission of the department to register in a course outside of the registration period.Teachers are not responsible for repeating course content covered in missed classes.
  • Course cancellations/changes may occur.
  • Not every course is offered every term.
  • When registering online, your payment options are credit card and Visa Debit. When registering in person, your payment options are credit card, debit card and money order.