• Transfers are considered a withdrawal from the first course and a registration in the second. Full fees apply for the second course chosen, but original payments are credited to the second course and any overpayment is refunded.
  • The college charges an administrative fee for each transfer. (There is no administrative fee to transfer from a cancelled course to an active one.)
  • All requests to transfer must be made in writing and accompanied by a new Registration PDF form and the payment for any fees remaining after the original payment is credited. Your request to transfer (and the related documents/payments) must be submitted in person at a Student Service Centre.
  • A request for a course transfer is considered only if it is made before the third scheduled class of the course out of which you wish to transfer and if space is available in the course into which you wish to transfer.
  • Transfers are not allowed on one-day courses or courses of 12 hours or fewer or courses that end after fewer than 10 business days (including the first scheduled day of class) unless a written request to transfer is received by the Student Service Centre at least 10 days before the start of the course.