Full-time Equivalent Course Credits

  • Some Continuing Education courses have equivalent academic standing to courses offered within George Brown College post-secondary diplomas. Although the Continuing Education course code and the post-secondary course code differ, the learning outcomes are the same. You can determine if a Continuing Education course is equivalent to a full-time course by checking the web page for the Continuing Education course. (You can get to the course web page quickly by adding the course code to the end of our website URL – for example, coned.georgebrown.ca/COMM1008.) You must also consult with your full-time department co-ordinator to confirm that your chosen course meets the full-time course requirement prior to registering.
  • Visit the Full-time Course Equivalencies web page for a complete list of Continuing Education courses that are equivalent to full-time courses.
  • If you are transferring credits to another educational institution, a 42-hour Continuing Education course that has a full-time equivalent, for example, is equal to three credits or grade point average (GPA) hours. However, George Brown College does not guarantee that its courses will be accepted by other educational institutions.
  • For related information, visit the Attendance web page.