Certificate Requests

  • It is your responsibility to request a certificate from the department co-ordinator once you have completed all the requirements.
  • To request a certificate, follow these steps:
    1. Before you request a certificate, you must have already applied and received permission for any course exemptions or PLAR credits. Together, course exemptions and PLAR credits cannot be used to meet more than 50% (or the percentage noted in the certificate description) of a certificate's requirements.
    2. You must request a certificate in writing. You should complete a Certificate Request PDF form. (You can also pick one up at a Student Service Centre.) Alternatively, you can provide a letter/email that includes your student ID number; your date of birth; your full legal name and address; your home and business phone numbers; your main email address; the name of the certificate you completed; and your signature. (Certificates obtained at the college can only be issued in the name that exists in your student record.)
    3. Submit your request (with supporting documents) to the department responsible for the George Brown certificate you wish to receive. You can submit your request by mail, by email or by delivering it to the department office in person. Department addresses and locations can be found in the Continuing Education Contacts list. (Note: Requests to the School of Makeup and Esthetics must be made in person.) You must allow about six weeks for your request to be processed.
  • The co‑ordinator will check your student record to ensure you have met the certificate requirements. If there are issues with your request, you will be contacted by phone or email.
  • For related information, visit the Alumni Relations web page.