Behaviour on Campus/Disciplinary Action

  • As a student of George Brown College, you are a member of a complex community, and, as such, you are required to obey the laws of the country, the province and the city; to observe the rules of the college; and to conduct yourself within commonly accepted standards of behaviour. The college is committed to providing a safe, respectful and inclusive learning and working environment for everyone.
  • Dishonesty, misconduct, disruption of the academic environment, destruction of property, fraud, misdemeanours, other offences against persons or things, failure to abide by the various regulations of the institution or failure to respect the rights of others either in person or online cannot be tolerated in the George Brown College community, which is dedicated to the development of mature and responsible individuals.
  • You are responsible for your own actions at all times. Ignorance of the rules or of the law is not a defence against disciplinary action. Lack of intention to violate college policy will not generally excuse an infraction.
  • George Brown College reserves the right at all times and at any time to discipline, suspend, expel, place terms or conditions upon or refuse admission or registration to any individual whose action or influence is considered contrary to college policies. Disciplinary actions may become part of an individual's permanent academic record.
  • Individuals posing a risk of harm to others – in the classroom, elsewhere on campus or in the context of a field or clinical placement – will initially be dealt with in accordance with college policy and then disciplined if appropriate and applicable.
  • The George Brown College Code of Student Behaviour and Community Standards outlines the rights and responsibilities of both students and the college in regards to expectations surrounding student behaviour, as well as the processes that will be followed if those expectations are not met.