Hairstyling Apprenticeship Training

Hairstyling apprentices learning from a teacher in-class.

George Brown College wants to help you become a hairstylist

Whether you have only just started thinking about becoming a hairstylist or are ready to apply for a hairstylist apprenticeship, George Brown College has exciting news.

Hairstylist is a compulsory trade in Ontario, which means you will need an Ontario College of Trades certificate of qualification to work as one. In order to meet this requirement, you must complete an apprenticeship involving both in-school training and sponsored on-the-job training. The college is pleased to announce that, beginning in January 2019, it will be offering the in-school training required as part of the hairstylist apprenticeship. (For more information about becoming a hairstylist, read the Hairstylist Trade Fact Sheet produced by the Ontario College of Trades.)

Interested in taking the hairstylist in-school training at George Brown? Visit the Prepare for apprenticeship and Start an Apprenticeship pages from the Government of Ontario website to learn about how to find a sponsor and start a hairstyling apprenticeship. When it comes time to do your in-school training, you can choose to take your courses through the George Brown College School of Makeup and Esthetics. We look forward to seeing you!

Have questions?

Contact the Continuing Education School of Makeup and Esthetics at 416-415-5000, ext. 4070, at or by visiting the school (St. James Campus, 193 King St. E., Building G (SJG), first floor).