Water Treatment and Distribution Systems Operations Program


The Ontario Water Wastewater Certification Office (OWWCO) states that "water and wastewater operators serve their communities by protecting public health and the natural environment through the responsible treatment of drinking water and wastewater." Our Water Treatment and Distribution Systems Operations Program teaches you the skills you need to work in the important area of water treatment operations and provides you with the knowledge you need to write the various certification exams. Additionally, the OntarioLearn courses in this program (provided by Sault College) are recognized by the OWWCO as Director Approved and so may also be of interest to water operators who are seeking continuing education units (CEU).


You must have a secondary school diploma with Grade 12 C or U math. (An approved equivalent is also acceptable.)

Completion Details

Once you have completed all the requirements of this program, you can request to receive a certificate. Program graduates must pursue the Operator-in-Training (OIT) exam to get a certificate/licence for the first time or the Entry Level Course (ELC) to upgrade to class 1.

Additional Information

Have Questions?

Contact the Continuing Education Online Learning department at 416-415-5000, ext. 6543, or online_learning@georgebrown.ca.

Disclaimer: The OIT certificate/licence is awarded by the OWWCO, and the Class 1 certificate is awarded by the Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC). The information provided here does not represent the extent of the requirements for the OIT certificate/licence or the Class 1 certificate. The requirements are set by the OWWCO and WCWC respectively, not George Brown College, so you must follow the process listed on their websites and meet the requirements applicable to you to achieve the credential. OWWCO and WCWC policies are subject to change without notice, and George Brown College is not responsible for any information errors or inaccuracies that result from a change in OWWCO or WCWC policies.