Python Programming COMP 9717

Continuous Intake
Exam Preparation

Our Python Programming course teaches you how to program using the Python scripting language, which is used for a wide variety of applications. Learn to build user-defined functions to do dedicated tasks, and study variables, program flow (sequence, decision, repetition) and reading and writing to files. The training provided by this course helps you prepare to write the Introduction to Programming Using Python (98-381) Microsoft Certification exam.


Course Delivery Method:

This is a self-directed online course with continuous intake registration. That means this course does not have traditional start/end dates. You can register at any time throughout the year (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and you will have 120 calendar days from the day you receive the online access/course materials to complete the course. Register in the section (CRN) with the Date(s) range that includes the date on which you plan to start the course (keeping in mind that you will receive your online access/course materials approximately a week after you register).

Course Essentials:

You must have Microsoft Visual Studio with Python (which can be downloaded for free from the Internet). You must also use Microsoft Windows 10 (or later) if you are using a Microsoft Windows operating system.


You will have the most success in this course if you already have intermediate Microsoft Windows skills before you start this course.

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(includes a non-refundable materials fee of $290 [online access])

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Delivery Method: Online

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Technology Department

Some courses require you to purchase a textbook. The cost of the textbook is not included in the course fee unless otherwise indicated. If there is a textbook assigned for this course, it will be listed on the bookstore website.