Next Generation Chatbot Solutions COMP 9733


Our Next Generation Chatbot Solutions course was developed to address in-demand chatbot solutions ("smart" customer-facing solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning components) that can improve an organization's customer service, marketing, sales, internal user support, and training functions. The demand for chatbot solutions is fuelled by the digital transformation currently being undertaken by many businesses globally. Learn how to develop a chatbot application using a commercial software, how chatbots can be deployed to social media and how to connect them to corporate back-office systems like Salesforce. Hands-on exercises help you explore the components, approaches, challenges and key success factors involved in building a next generation chatbot solution. Study use cases – including your own that you bring to class – to gain the knowledge you need to potentially transform your organization and improve client experience, all while enjoying the chatbot-building experience. Intended for those without computer programming or technical knowledge, this chatbot course is suitable for analysts who are interested in developing human-facing solutions for their business.

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