• Wine Regions of the World: New World HOST 9114

    Online Option

    Our Wine Regions of the World: New World course examines the new world wine regions of Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa, the United States and Canada (with special attention paid to Ontario). Having already studied wines by weight and flavour in HOST 9112 Sensory Development and Wine Styles, learn to recognize the same wines by the place in which they are produced. Study the character and quality of the major wines of the New World by learning about each region's history, terroir, culture, laws, leading producers and trends. Continue to develop your tasting ability and wine assessment skills as well as your knowledge of local cuisine and pairings.


    Course Delivery Method:

    This is normally an in-class course but will be offered temporarily online via Blackboard Learn/Collaborate while college buildings are closed.

    Technical/Computer Requirements:

    Refer to the basic technology requirements for Blackboard online courses.


    You must be at least 19 years of age, and you must have completed our HOST 9112 Sensory Development and Wine Styles course.

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