• Web Application Development for Commercial Websites COMP 9585


    Our Web Application Development for Commercial Websites course is designed to help you create and write the requirements for a web application. Learn how to document every step in the development process prior to creating a web application. The process model and database model are the basis of this course, and this approach helps you understand how to develop even the most complicated web application.

    Also check out our online course: COMP 9584 Web Application Development for Commercial Websites


    This course uses a blended learning approach that incorporates both in-class and online instruction. Approximately half of the course (24 hours) is held in class with a teacher; the remaining hours involve self-directed work. You will be required to provide your own Visual Web Developer software (which can be downloaded free from the Internet) and have regular access to the Internet and email for the self-directed work.


    You must have completed our COMP 9583 Web Application Data Services/COMP 9582 Web Application Data Services course or an approved equivalent.

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