• Troubleshooting Windows 7 COMP 9452

    Continuous Intake Online

    formerly Troubleshooting Windows
    Our Troubleshooting Windows 7 course teaches you to install and configure the Windows 7 operating system within a corporate environment. Learn the different methods used to install the operating system on several workstations simultaneously and the process for setting local policies on a workstation (to protect system files and company data). Examine proven industry troubleshooting methodologies for improving quality of service.


    This is an online course, and registration is offered through continuous intake (meaning registration is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year). Register in the section (CRN) with the Date(s) range that includes the date on which you plan to start the course (keeping in mind that you will receive your course details approximately a week after you register). You have 120 calendar days from the day you receive the course details to complete the course. Please ensure you are familiar with the basic technology requirements for online courses.


    You must have completed our COMP 9682 A+ Certification Hardware (220-901) course and our COMP 9683 A+ Certification Software (220-902) course or our COMP 9447 Network+ course or approved equivalents.

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