• Therapeutic Clowning Certificate


    Our unique Therapeutic Clowning Certificate offers in-depth, personalized training from leaders in the field. The required courses help prepare you for a part-time or occasional career as a professional therapeutic clown practitioner. Our curriculum adheres to global best practice standards and teaches you how to develop separate clown personas for pediatrics and geriatrics. In the classroom, study medical, psychological and psychosocial topics; reflective practice; ethics, dignity and privacy; infection control/prevention; and interprofessional collaboration. Explore the practices used worldwide, and hear from guest lecturers from medical and interprofessional teams as well as family members and former clients. In the studio, take part in artistic training that encompasses advanced artistic development within the duo model (duo dynamics, persona development, rhythm and musical skills, and communication/engagement techniques). Throughout the course, deepen your learning experience through artistic role-playing with peers and guests across the age spectrum, then enjoy the opportunity to job shadow and do student placements in healthcare settings. Also learn how to pitch your own program following graduation and how to foster it with an ongoing support network. The program culminates in a practice session clowning on the units – in duo – with supervision, feedback and an evaluation as well as a final interview and group/individual reflection.



    Admission Requirement(s)

    You must secure formal admission (see Application Process below) before you can register for courses. Admission will only be considered if you meet the following requirements. You must have

    • a developed clown persona (which may not be the one used in therapeutic practice)
    • a minimum of two years of performance training in, for example, theatre, movement, dance, circus or music improvisation (A minimum of one year of combination experience and training in theatrical clown work is preferred.)
    • a post-secondary diploma or degree (Specialization in the humanities, the arts and/or drama is preferred.)
    • current certification in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation life saving (BCLS) and standard first aid
    • previous experience working with people in healthcare, with people with a disability and/or in other settings that cater to other vulnerable population such as shelters or jails (Experience working in an interdisciplinary setting is preferred.)

    Application Process

    You must submit a cover letter, a resumé and a video. Your cover letter should state your reason for training towards this profession along with the key skills and qualities you would bring to the role. Your resumé should outline your artistic and clown training (number of years/levels and names of instructors), your performance experience (festivals, shows, public performances of any kind), your volunteer experience or experience working with vulnerable populations, and your related hobbies or other outlets that demonstrate your self-care practices. Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes but should show your current clown persona/character and the approach you feel would be suitable for a healthcare environment. This video should show your physicality (so full-body view); have a physical and audio component; demonstrate your joy and interpersonal skills; and be suitable for a range of ages (children, adults and elders). In other words, your clown must imagine they are speaking to a wide age range as they introduce themselves (in English) while doing an activity or showcasing a particular skill/talent. We want to see you showcase your clown skills, and we understand that your clown persona as it stands now may not resemble your any persona you may use in the future for healthcare so we will take this into account. Your cover letter, resumé and video must all be clearly titled with your full name and submitted by email to cedesign@georgebrown.ca. A committee will review the three submission pieces and select suitable students. We strongly advise you to apply early.

    Completion Details

    You must complete the courses in the order shown below to be eligible to request the certificate upon completion.

    Compulsory Courses (Three)