• Therapeutic Clowning 3 THEA 9025


    Our Therapeutic Clowning 3 course further explores the clowning profession by building on THEA 9024 Therapeutic Clowning 2. With the help of guest lecturers (including former patients and parents of former patients), develop a deeper understanding of a range of concepts, including dignity, personhood, respect, privacy and risk. Also study behaviours related to brain injuries and disorders. Explore the various roles of those working in hospitals and long-term care facilities, and consider collaboration among roles. Examine the business of therapeutic clowning and how one can develop and maintain one’s own program. In a studio setting, focus on using an artistic framework to role play the concepts learned in the classroom. Learn how to develop your musical skills and duo dynamics to an advanced level, and take part in an artistic ‘review’ of many areas (including lazzi and engagement techniques). Additionally, this clowning course gives you the opportunity to complete your placement by pairing up with other students and being shadowed by a teacher and concludes with final, private interviews.


    You must have completed our THEA 9024 Therapeutic Clowning 2 course.

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