• Therapeutic Clowning 2 THEA 9024


    Our Therapeutic Clowning 2 course further explores the clowning profession in healthcare by building on THEA 9023 Therapeutic Clowning 1. Explore a range of topics, including bioethics; surgical and medical procedures; medical jargon and common terminology; medical equipment, assistive devices and prosthetics; psychology and mental health; growth and development; collaborative practice; peer support and team dynamics; the feedback process; and compassion fatigue. Take part in additional reflective practice sessions as well as advanced training in cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining your props and outfits. In a studio setting, learn about various music and dance genres; learn duo techniques such as mirroring, rhythm, status and contrast; and learn to work with hospital objects (as puppets) and props to make a connection. Study the different communication techniques used to approach each type of patient, including teens, elders and those who are non-verbal. This clowning course provides additional training from a variety of artistic trainers and guest speakers and, since you developed your clown personas and outfits in THEA 9023 Therapeutic Clowning 1, gives you the opportunity to be paired ‘in nose’ with a professional therapeutic clown practitioner and to shadow other students.


    You must have completed our THEA 9023 Therapeutic Clowning 1 course.

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